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Almost all pearls sold today are known as cultured pearls. It is naturally formed by surgically implanting a mother of pearl nucleus together with a small mantle tissue into the oyster. The quality of a pearl is graded according to its size, shape, coating (nacre) thickness, surface condition and luster.

As a cultured pearl is formed in the natural environment of the sea, a perfect pearl is very rare. A better pearl should have slight to very slight imperfections or blemishes. Producers use various methods of treatments to enhance their beauty. Some treatments are relatively benign while others may lead to pearls that deteriorate with normal wear. Understanding treatments is therefore critical to buying pearls that will last.

Akoya cultured pearls, which have been the traditional, cultured pearls for almost a century, usually range from 2mm-9mm in diameter. Common sizes are 6mm-8mm. The colour of Akoya pearls is commonly enhanced to white, silver, pink and champagne. To achieve the more popular colours, these pearls, which are mainly cream, yellow and green in their natural colour state, undergo a process during which impurities are bleached out. In fact, with the exception of most South Sea Pearls, the majority of the white pearls on the market are bleached.

South Sea Pearls are larger pearls that range from 9mm-18mm in diameter. They are classified into 3 groups: the White, the Dark (commonly called Black) and the Gold. South Sea Pearls are sometimes treated, depending on their producers. For example, high quality pearls from Australia are seldom treated.

Pearls, whether cultured or natural are organic substances which consist mainly of calcium carbonate and must be treated with the utmost care. They are most sensitive to acids, perspiration, cosmetics and hair spray. If treated thoughtfully, like wiping them with a soft cloth after use and keeping them away from other jewels, you can be assured that your pearls will maintain their beauty and longevity.

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