We believe that trust remains a jeweller's most valuable asset. Consumer confidence is easier to lose than gain and most jewellers know that building trust means fully disclosing key product attributes to their customers.

Store Policy

- Every piece of jewellery sold comes with an official receipt and a guarantee card with an accurate description of the jewellery.

- Our store guarantees that our jewellery sold are genuine and of good quality.

- The price on the price tag is quoted in Singapore dollars, inclusive of GST. Additional charges, if any will be declared to the customer and agreed upon
- before the finalization of the sale and the totaling of the final price.

- All discounted prices are clearly indicated and the selling price prominently displayed.

- Our store accepts all major credit cards, foreign currency and Nets payment.

- Cheques are acceptable, but jewellery will only be handed over after the Bank has cleared the cheque.

- For any claims due to defects, customer is advised to refer to the guarantee card issued by our store.

- For return items, please refer to our refund and exchange policy.

- If a deposit is placed for a purchase, the customer is required to comply with the terms and conditions stipulated in the deposit receipt.

- Your transactions and particulars are recorded only for sale purposes. Similarly, all the details shown in the GST claim and survey forms are treated with the
- strictest confidence by our store.

- We conduct our business in compliance with the Sales of Goods Act S14 (2), Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law.

- All customers' complaints and feedback shall be attended to immediately. All complaints shall be resolved within a maximum of 21 days.

Gems Treatment Disclosure

Corundums (Sapphires and Rubies) are commonly heated to improve their colour and/or transparency. There are various types of heat treatment. The basic treatment where the Sapphires and Rubies are just heated is widely available and generally acceptable in the Jewellery trade. The appearance of such gemstones are permanent under normal wear and handling conditions. Hence, unless otherwise stated, it is assumed that all the Sapphires and Rubies sold in our store have been thermally enhanced.

Natural Emeralds are known to have highly visible surface reaching features due to their growth environment. It is a common trade practice to reduce the visibility of these features by using colourless oil or resin. As Emeralds are routinely oiled, it is assumed that all Emeralds sold in our store have been treated in this way unless otherwise stated.

Jadeite Terminology 'Type A' refers to natural Jadeite without treatment except for surface waxing. 'Type B' refers to Jadeite that is bleached and polymer impregnated. 'Type C' refers to Jadeite that is dyed. 'Type B+C' refers to Jadeite that is bleached, polymer impregnated and dyed.

Our founder, Richard Hung, a trained gemologist, is available to further explain such treatments to customers. We also issue certificates with detailed information to guarantee all our products. There is nothing more important than your confidence, satisfaction, and long-term peace of mind when you make a purchase from us.

Refund / Exchange Policy

At Richard Hung Jewellers Pte Ltd, we are committed to our customer's satisfaction when purchasing from us. In the event that the customer is unhappy with his/her purchase, we would gladly offer a refund, exchange or credit note in the following circumstances:

- Item has been wrongly described
- Item is different from the sample shown
- Item does not perform as it should
- Item has a defect that the customer would not have known at the time of purchase
- Item has a manufacturing defect and is beyond repair.

All requests should be submitted within the warranty period, accompanied with the original receipt as proof of purchase. Each request will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis and subject to management approval.

Personal Data Protection Policy

When making a purchase at our store, we may request for your personal information.

Customer data shall be used strictly for business transaction purposes. These comprise:
  a. Processing a transaction
  b. Verifying customer identity for payment authorization
  c. Update of order status (item collection, update of progress for repairs/additional works etc)
  d. Shipping of order
  e. Festive, birthday and anniversary greetings (only upon customer consent)
  f.  General anonymous internal sales statistics

Customer records are treated with the strictest confidence:
  a. All records are kept in secure lockers and are not to be removed from the premises under any circumstances
  b. Staff are not allowed to view or check records without prior approval from the management
  c. Customer information will not be shared without approval from the customer unless it is required by law

Staff are not allowed to obtain personal information from customers other than that required for the current sales transaction. If you are uncomfortable about providing your personal information, please do not hesitate to let us know.

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